We use our knowledge, experience and skill to create beautiful interior environments.

We believe in collaboration.

“The sum of the parts is greater than the whole

We provide sound manufacturing  knowledge, strategic direction, professional service and exacting implementation.

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Wood Manufacturing are able to support your development, production  and onsite requirements….

Costing sketches 

A rapid method of gaining accurate production prices  when you simply just can’t wait for CAD drawings to be completed .   Maximise your production time by getting ahead of the  schedule.

3D CAD production drawings

Using our 3D solid modelling software we can output to dwg, dxf, iges, stp, wkf  and other formats.

Value engineering

Using our manufacturing expertise to think objectively and investigate new materials and production methods to create  the best possible value for manufacturers and end users alike.

Building surveys – pre contract

When you can’t get to site, we can.  Fully drawn in 2d or 3d, photographed for scope of works, renders and bespoke fixture size calculations.

Building surveys – pre delivery

A valuable and often overlooked exercise is to visit site prior to decorating  to ensure  your lovingly manufactured fixtures will still fit before deliveries commence.

Fixture surveys

Producing fully dimensioned sketches and photographs to enable costing and in some cases prototyping.

Estimating / BOM

Our estimating system can output not only costings but also profitability analysis, bill of materials for  raw materials procurement, quality control documents and  measurement of budget vs actual performance.  A highly automated estimating and production analysis tool.


Our methodical and accurate approach to tendering leaves no stone unturned.  Using our tailored templates, engineering expertise and vastly experienced knowledge base, we ensure that all possible options are covered when requesting information from our local or overseas suppliers. Regular factory audits keep us all focused on quality control systems, accreditation and compliance requirements including environmental impact reduction policies.

UK Production sourcing

Your outsourcing requirements can bolstered by our team during your hectic times.  We carry out regular and documented quality control checks  throughout the entire manufacturing process to guarantee there are no awkward surprises.  We can manage suppliers of joinery, metalwork, acrylic, upholstery, glass, lighting and print to mention but a few.

Global Production sourcing

Our overseas partners in China, Dubai, South Africa, Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey share in excess of 6 million square feet of manufacturing space.  We can even provide a shared solution where the initial phases of your roll out is produced in the UK / Europe which is supplemented in the mid and latter phases by China.

Our supply partners are willing to supply locally too  so you can minimise transcontinental transportation costs.

On site project management

We are highly experienced at on site management.  Driven by our desire to be problem solvers rather than passive problem makers  we aim to complete all installations without snags and to the correct quality level and timescale.

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